Blue, JP Will Miss You!


About this J.P. Dog:

Blue Basil Audino is a five year old Chinook, who we first met on JP Dogs when I spotted this gentle giant on my street. It was love at first sight for me.

From his human: “Nicknames are too abundant to list in full, but I often call him “Blueberry Muffin Dog” because he’s a sweet little muffin, and “Sherlock” because he takes sooooooo long to sniff the tiniest things on our walks that it feels as though he’s treating everything like the big clue that will crack his latest case wide open.  We’ve taken to using the word “sherlocking” to describe this.” (more…)

Spotted! Sidewalk Score of a Lifetime


I spotted the slice on the ground, outside the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, but assumed I’d have time to grab it before Arlo did. But in one fell swoop he scooped it up, like he’d been born knowing that if you have to quickly grab a piece of pizza on the run, you always grab it by the crust. It was downright athletic. Of course, then he went into defensive posture, giving me looks like, “Mofo, if you try to take THIS from me, I will bite you. I don’t care whose mama you are. Do you see the size of this piece of pizza???”

I sure did. Since it was practically the size of his whole body, I did not want Arlo ingesting this thing. So I decided to go to battle. First I grabbed and tore at it, getting decent chunks. Meanwhile, he’s trying to gulp the whole thing down, or what was remaining, without even chewing. Time was of the essence, and I didn’t have a single treat on me to try to barter. (Continue for 2 more photos…)  (more…)