meet & greet: ginger




Dog: Ginger, a rescued 6 year old Pomeranian who barks at her food, to show it who’s boss, before eating it

Human: Terrelle, a musician, who used to live in J.P. for seven years, but moved to West Roxbury three years ago (after chatting with Terrelle for a while, it was clear that J.P. lost a good soul, when she left the neighborhood. And she inspired me to start a new blog category “formerly J.P. Dogs”. )

I stopped by Cafe Bartlett Square for their Sweet Pea smoothie, but before I made it inside, I spotted these two on the patio. (By the way, Cafe BS is great. If you haven’t been, you should go. While I was talking to Terrelle outside, Kevin, one of the guys who works there, popped his head out to ask if he should get my usual smoothie ready for me, with my harry-met-sally-esque substitutions, which he memorized by the second time I ordered the smoothie.)

Back to Ginger and Terrelle. Some might balk at a dog on the table. I loved it. Nobody puts Ginger in the corner. Nope, this little lady goes tabletop or bust.

A few years ago, Terrelle, a musician, was in the southwest corridor when she found this dog who wasn’t wearing tags, and was really skittish. After twenty minutes Ginger allowed Terrelle to get near. In the following weeks, Terrelle did her due diligence to try to find an owner. But no luck. Or such luck, depending on how you look at it. They’ve been together ever since.

You can find these two, nearly every day, at the Arboretum. Year-round.

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