Delta (a Brookline Babe) & Beta (a J.P. Dog in Memoriam)

delta eyes askew delta with ball 913 delta and beta

Dogs: Once in a while, I’m gonna let the surrounding neighborhoods in, on a, you know, case by case basis. (I love throwing around the blogger’s prerogative.)

In this case I welcome to J.P. Dogs, a Brookline babe named Delta, an 18-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, because well, just look at her. AND, because she’s the younger sister of a long-time J.P. Dog, Beta (the grey-ish, accidental poodle / terrier mix pictured above), who died in 2013 at 16 years old.

I knew Beta personally, and had a real fondness for her. I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of meeting little miss Delta. The day I met Delta, she was still in full puppyhood and Beta was old and slow but still hanging on. Delta kept pestering the shit out of Beta. But Beta endured it with the grace and patience of a Bhuddist monk.

Humans: Barry and Melanie, and their sons, 14-year-old twins Dashiell and Spencer. This crew lived in JP for thirteen years before moving to Brookline in 2010. J.P. still misses them.

What do you love most about Delta? “She’s soft, quiet, easy, sweet, not too smart (sometimes we block her into a room with a piece of fome-cor that she could easily push over but she hasn’t figured that out), but not dumb either.”

Photo credit: Melanie / Barry

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