seamus & gus (today is seamus’ birthday!)

photo 3photo 2photo 1

Dogs: Seamus, the white wooly mammoth, is a 10 year old (as of today!) Komondor, with “velcro fur” who loves Franklin Park. Gus, the littler but older guy, is a roughly 11 year old Schnauzer mix with “enthusiastic vocalization”, who was rescued from The Northeast Animal Shelter. Gus loves joining his brother Seamus at Franklin Park. 

Humans: Lisa & Leroy, provide a home for these two in Central JP, and Lisa has lived in JP for 27 years!

What do you they love most about their J.P. dogs? Seamus: “His laid back personality. He’s a relaxed, happy guy who will plunk himself down anywhere we take him.” Gus: “His obnoxious howls of happiness.”

Happy Birthday Seamus!

Photo credit: Lisa

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