Trixi loves beer. And swimming in the grass.

jp dogs

I went public with J.P. Dogs just this past Tuesday night. The next morning, this was the very first photo I received in my inbox. What a beautiful beginning.

Trixi is a 15 year old rescued “mutt, but mostly Pointer.”

According to her Mama Claire, “Trixi thinks she’s a person (I mean, what kind of dog sits on benches?!) Trixi  loves to swim in the grass and snow in the winter (yes, she literally swims on her stomach through any grass or snow bank she happens upon. ). She suffers from vestibular disease which has left her a little off balanced so she’s quite clumsy. She also loves beer. LOVES it. She will beg you for it any time you have one. Judge all you will but Trixi is an anxious nellie and i’ve been known to give in with a few sips from my glass from time to time…I swear it helps her relax!”

Trixi lives with these humans: Her heart lies with Claire, who’s lived in J.P. for five years, and who submitted this photo. Claire and Trixi have been together since 2003. But it sounds like Trixi has a large family built of friends: Karen, Tiffanie, Crys, Amy, Steph, and Alison. And her friend in the photo, taken from inside City Feed & Supply, is Yana.

What does Claire love the most about Trixi? her smile.

Photo credit: Claire


  1. I love Trixi! She’s the sweetest ever and loves being with her humans. She even got up on a chair when we were sitting around a table recently, just so she could be a part of it.


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