BFF’s: Aggie learned everything she knows from Marley


Dog: Aggie (dog on the left) is a six and a half year old rescue from a foster home in Rhode Island. She’s pictured here with her BFF, Marley who’s also a J.P. Dog. Aggie’s humans suspect she’s Australian Shepherd, Corgie and “who knows what else”. She may also answer to the following nicknames: Agadoradolittle, Agadorasparticus, Puppy-girl, and of course: Mini-Marley.

Human: Hilary & Hazel (Blogger’s note: Hilary is a talented textile artist. I have one of her tote bags, and count it as one of my favorite bags! Check out Hilary’s Facebook page!)

In Hilary’s words: When we first got Aggie she was a year and a half old, unhealthy, and had spent most of her life closed up in a house filled with chaos; she didn’t really know how to be a dog…Until she met Marley. Marley is a HUGE shepherd mix on Sumner Hill – Aggie can run under her. Marley taught Aggie how to be a dog; she very tolerantly let Aggie invade her space and do everything she did. A huge copy cat. If Marley barked, Aggie barked. If Marley jumped, Aggie jumped. If Marley played, Aggie played. If Marley laid down, Aggie laid down. Now, after five years Aggie has her own thoughts about how things should be but she never would have made it without those early first years with Marley showing her what’s what in living the good dog’s life.




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