dog day at egleston farmer’s market!


The first “Dog Day” at Egleston Farmer’s Market was a canine success! The event was the brainchild of Kate Peppard, who founded and runs this beautiful farmers market, and Sophie Amos, who recently launched J.P.’s newest dog walking service, Boston Fetch, and enthusiastically sponsored the event.


In the days ahead I will be profiling individual dogs who I met at the event, some of whom who are pictured here, but for now, here’s just a smattering of photos to give you a feel for the day, which included a table for Angell Memorial Hospital adoption program, and a mini training session with Sophie.


Sophie, of Boston Fetch, doing a little training on the spot.

The more J.P. dogs and their humans that I meet, the more excited I am about getting to know this niche of J.P. folks.

Cool people, cool dogs. Good for the soul. I hope this becomes an annual event!




Teddy is fancy!


I really wanted to steal this dog, Nugget. Hopefully more Nugget to come!


Kate Peppard, who founded Egleston Farmers Market and her dog, Vegas. You will definitely be seeing more of him on J.P. Dogs


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