Bend it like Buckley


I met this lovely splendor and his human, when I stopped by Prudential Unlimited Realty on Centre Street in J.P., to visit a friend who works there.

Dog: Buckley (short for Buckwheat) is a five and a half year old rescued Brittany Spaniel. He was rescued when he was a year and a half, from the New England Brittany Rescue League. 

Human: Buckley lives with his humans, Josh and Andrea Brett on Brookley Road in the Parkside neighborhood of J.P., also known as the Stony Brook neighborhood. They’ve lived in J.P. for five years, and Josh is a local realtor with Prudential Unlimited Realty in J.P. You can find out more at his website.

Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

“Buckley lays down with his rear legs spread out like a frog with its legs extended. I hear all or most Brittany Spaniels lay like this. He howls when certain songs are played. Buckley lays upside down in the most awkward positions possible yet is as comfortable as can be.”

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

“Buckley’s cool, calm and collected temperament.”

Anything else you’d love to share about your J.P. Dog?

“Buckley loves to be off leash so more designated and fenced in off-leash dog parks would be greatly appreciated by Buckley, ourselves & likely many other J.P. doggie owners.”

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.? 

“Minton Stable Garden (wish that the ‘dog park’ section would be consistently enclosed to keep the dogs in there allowing them to be let off leash.) Also Franklin Park, Arboretum, Southwest Corridor Path & J.P. Pond.”

Photo credit: Kyle Freeman and Josh Brett


Josh offered to take a photo with me and Buckley. How could I say no?


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