Haley hails all the way from Ecuador


Dog: Haley is a rescued, eleven year old-ish “Terrier/Poodle mix of some kind” or that’s the best guess. She also goes by Diva Pup, and The dog-child.

Human: Haley lives with Heather and Sinead on Rockview Street, and they’ve lived in J.P. since 2008.

“Haley was rescued by her mom Sinead when Sinead was living in Ecuador.  Sinead was driving down the Calle de Amazonas on the way to go hiking with a friend when she saw a man holding puppies over his head walking up and down the median of the highway trying to sell them.  Legend has it she slammed on the breaks, pulled over and gave the man all of her cd’s, her ex-partner’s jacket and 20 dollars and the rest is history.  Haley immigrated to the United States with her mom in 2006 and has never looked back.”

Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

“She speaks spanish, she can’t control her licker and often demands to be carried around on your hip as if she were a toddler. She is quite the opportunist and always steals my pillows when I roll over at night. She is terrified of wind, poor thing, and will hide between your legs if the wind blows the curtains or makes the doors creak.”

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

“Absolutely everything!!!”

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.? 

“Squirrel hunting at the Forrest Hills Cemetery, rolling in the grass in Jamaica Pond, getting treats at Blanchards and enjoying cow paws at JP Licks.”

Anything else you want to share about your J.P. Dog?

In response to this question Heather and Sinead shared a few of their favorite Haley photos! I can see why they love these shots so much.

Photo credit: First two photos, Kyle Freeman; next three photos Heather and Sinead



Now THIS is a J.P. family photo.



Haley with Sinead, who brought her all the way from Ecuador!

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