Daisy may made my day


I happened upon Miss Daisy this past Sunday when I wandered into The Eliot School during Jamaica Plain’s Open Studios. Daisy, a ten year old Boston Terrier senior, was checking out the art, with her lovely senior human, Ann. Truth be told, I really wanted a photo of these two lovelies together, but Ann declined.

Ann adopted Daisy, who she sometimes calls Daisy May, when Daisy was a middle aged girl. One of Daisy’s quirks? “She steals my spot in bed as soon as I get out.” 

Ann adores this dog, and vice versa. About Daisy’s eye condition she said, “We go to the vet a lot and our goal is to keep her good eye, really good for as long as possible.” I could tell that this pup gets so much TLC.

When I asked Ann if she used the internet so that I could email her some questions about Daisy and so that she could see the post when it went to the blog, she laughed. That was a no. So if you know Ann, do let her know how adorable her Daisy looks on the internet.

IMG_6121photo credit: Kyle Freeman



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