Augustus & Caesar: Pugs 2-for-1!


Dogs: Augustus and Caesar are three year old pug brothers. They may or may not also answer to Gus and Caesy, Caesybeans and Gus-Bus…

Human: These boys live with Pete and Joline, near to Jamaica Pond where they’ve been for a year. But for many years before, they lived on Sheridan Street. Joline is a dog photographer! Check out her business, Two Pugs Studio. 

Do your J.P. Dogs have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

“Gus was a runt so he’s off the wall. He plays a game we call pug rodeo where he picks up a toy in his mouth and slings it up and behind him, then he jumps up and spins back to try to catch it. Looks like a horse trying to buck a rider. Caesar has doggie anxiety. He barks at everything from skateboards to vacuums, shadowy figures in the dark, etc. He also howls and mimics sirens when he hears them.”

What do you love most about your J.P. Dogs?

“Everything. They’re my dudes. When I come home and these guys scream and jump on me and wag their tails like crazy, nothing else matters at that moment.”

Your J.P. Dogs favorite outdoor spots in J.P.? 

“The pond, Peters Hill, the park at Angell.”

Photo credit: Kyle Freeman




Pug meets Pug-passerby


  1. Totally my pleasure, Joline. I just updated the post to include this link you posted in your comment. Your photos are wonderful!


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