Nugget’s a Scene Stealer


Though Nugget’s a Cambridge dog, I met this little lady in J.P. at the Egleston Farmer’s Market Dog Day. And wow, did I fall hard for her. So did everyone who saw her. In a matter of minutes she became an instant celebrity. I practically wanted her autograph. So of course she makes the cut for our “Sometimes We Let the Neighbors In” category. Thanks to Everett Hoffman, who was dog sitting Nugget, for brightening our day with a visit from this little Nugget.

Dog: Nugget Flanigan is a three and a half year old Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund. She may also answer to: Nug, Nug Life, Snug, Snuggler, Snug Life, and Dumpling.

Human: Nugget lives in Cambridge with her mother Skye Flanigan, aunt Sierra Flanigan, and cousin Xena (a beautiful calico cat) and their fabulous roommate Bob. Nugget and Skye moved from California, and previously Colorado, to Inman Square two years ago. Nugget came to Skye via Craigslist from a family that had puppies outside of Boulder, Colorado. She got her when Nugget was 8 weeks old. (The photo above is the first photo Skye ever took of Nugget, when she was just a pup.

Does your Cambridge dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

“Nugget is obsessed with playing ball!!!!”

What do you love most about your Cambridge Dog?

“Nugget makes everyone smile. Her small legs and adorable personality are just so darn cute and sooooo silly! I have never met a dog that gets more attention as she does while walking down the street.”

Your Cambridge Dog’s favorite outdoor spots? 


Anything else you’d like to share about your J.P. Dog?

Nugget is the best travel dog and consequently extremely well traveled. Just this summer she was on the west coast twice, Martha’s Vineyard, NY, and Canada.

Photo credit: Skye Flanigan (first and last photo), Kyle Freeman (four photos in between)


Nugget, with Everett, her dear friend and doggy sitter



Nugget with Sophie Amos, of Boston Fetch, J.P.’s newest dog walking service


I couldn’t keep my hands off Nugget. She’s irresistible!



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