Yossi, a J.P. Dog through and through


About this J.P. Dog:

Yossi is a rescued 2 year old Lab-hound mix. “Yossi is named after Yosef (Joseph) from the book of Genesis. Funny thing is, Yossi (Joey in Hebrew) certainly lives up to his namesake as people on the street always comment on his “beautiful coat.” It might not be technicolored, but it’s definitely Yossi’s best attribute.”

About this J.P. Dog’s humans:

Yossi lives with his humans, Ben & Monica, close to Centre Street, where they’ve lived for over five years.

Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

Maybe its because he’s still a puppy but he is always smiling, and people always comment that he is a happy pup. As a result, when we take him out, I always know he will put a smile on people’s faces.

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

I love that he is carefree and content- it reminds me to be the same.

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

Blessed Sacrament lawn, running around the Pond, looking/sniffing through the door at Tails.

Anything else you’d like to share about your J.P. Dog?

I love that Yossi is so at home in our community, that JP is so pup friendly, and that our neighborhood really celebrates dogs. He definitely enjoys being a city pup.

Yossi has experienced many first’s living in JP. After owning him for less than a week, he developed kennel cough (turned pneumonia) and had to be hospitalized overnight at Angell. He was really popular there after that. He has attended every JP Music Fest, and Lantern Festival. He had his first chew at Polka Dog, and continues his yuppie habits by only eating Taste of the Wild (thanks, Polka Dog!). Yossi first learned how to swim at JP Pond, loves to romp in the autumn leaves at the Arboretum, and (this is his FAVORITE season) play for endless hours in several feet of snow (labs were blessed with a double coat). He is a serious Patriots fan, and is sad he is no longer allowed to catch a beer with friends at the Behan.  

More Yossi fun on Instagram!

Photography: Yossi’s humans


Yossi as a pup




lunging at the Lantern Festival


At the Arboretum

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