Big Chance, Little Scout


About this J.P. Dog:

Chance (9 years old) and Scout (9 weeks old!) are West Highland Terriers. Chance’s full name is “Fat Chance” because “that’s what my husband used to say when our children asked for a dog.” (Continue for more photos.)

About this J.P. Dog’s humans:

Chance and Scout live with their humans Jim and Kathleen on Seaverns Avenue near Centre Street. They’ve lived there for four years.

Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

They eat any fruit or vegetable except lettuce and onions.

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

They are small, but mighty!

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

The Arboretum.

Photography: Chance & Scout’s humans




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