Brave Maya


I met Maya and her human walking on Centre Street recently. It was a particularly cold day so we didn’t chat long enough for me to get a lot of details (and Maya’s human doesn’t have a computer so no email correspondence). Maya is a mixed breed rescue who hails all the way from Puerto Rico! Her human believes she’s somewhere between 10 and 14 years old. (Continue for more photos…)

This dear senior lady spent many, many months at the pound, before her human, who’s lived in Jamaica Plain for 30 years, adopted her via The Buddy Dog Humane Society.

Apparently Maya was so skittish and scared that no one wanted to take a chance on her. Her human saw through the fear to her dear soul, and says that Maya can now walk all the way around the pond without getting too scared! What a braveheart. Good girl, Maya!



  1. Hi Cedric. Thanks so much for checking out the blog. It was great to meet you at the parade. You are doing amazing work in the world – thank you! Take care, Kyle


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