J.P. Dog Groomer: Pups N’ Paradise!


Sorry things have been a little slow on JP Dogs recently – wasn’t a good health week for me. But Arlo was overdue for a haircut (he’s the woolly mammoth on the left in the photo above), sometimes ensnaring his nails in his own matting (bad mommy) so I brought him to my usual place, Pups ‘N Paradise. (Continue for an “after” photo!)

If you’ve ever been to Pups ‘N Paradise, you know it can be pretty zooy (pun partially intended) in there, with the owner Jen’s pigs and birds and dogs, and then everyone else’s dogs! But I’ve come to love the zooyness, in part because Jen loves it, and honestly she rocks it somehow.

No matter how crazy things get in there, Jen still manages to have a great grin on her face that reflects how much she loves animals, and how much she loves tending to their ‘dos. And somehow, her ability to juggle a million things at once, while smiling, helps me feel more relaxed about whatever happens to be stressing me out when I bring Arlo for a cut.

Not to mention, she gives Arlo the best haircuts he’s ever had. (See his “after” photo below!)

So if you’re looking for a new groomer, Jen’s a pleasure to work with! Check out Pups N’ Paradise.




  1. Hoping you are feeling better. Arlo looks great in his new ‘do, though he looks loved in his old one as well… good Mommy!


  2. Hi Jen, tried reaching you by phone – just left messages. I won’t be able to bring T in tomorrow AM. Sorry – hope it doesn’t screw up your day. Will call to make an app’t tomorrow. More explanation in phone message.


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