Reunited and it feels so good…


If you’ve followed JP Dogs from the beginning, you know that there is a very special dog named Lenny who I happened to meet on the street one day last July who inspired me to start this blog. Well I just had my very first date-date with Lenny and one of his humans, Britta. (Continue for 6 more dreamy Lenny photos…)

This crush is real bad, people, real bad. And I didn’t bring Arlo with me because he gets the shivers very quickly on cold, cold days. I did feel a little guilty. But watching Lenny romp and play in the snow made my heart feel like it was going to explode from joy overdose. Lenny’s human says that he rarely warms up to people he doesn’t know well, but he seems to like me. Oh no, that means there’s good chemistry too! Are these the red flags of a beginning of an affair? Shit.

(I love you, Leonard. Until we can steal away again…)


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