Bailey & Meeko, snug as two bugs in a rug


About these J.P. Dogs:

Meeko (the one in the orange sweater), who also goes by Sugie, Sugs, Snuggy, or Lumpy, is 3 and a half year old Pug / Shih Tzu mix. Bailey, who also goes by Mama, is an eleven month old straight up Shih Tzu.(Continue for five more photos of this dynamic duo…)

About these J.P. Dogs humans: 

Meeko and Bailey live with their humans Josh and Peter, on a street off of Spring Park Avenue in Central JP, where they’ve lived for three years.

Do your J.P. Dogs have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

We love Meeko’s classic pug head tilt. He’s a total snuggle bug who sleeps in bed with us, and he’s super sweet. Meeko also LOVES ice cream – when we open the freezer door he can hear it in a dead-sleep. He also loves to sit on the top of the couch, like a cat.

Bailey is a feisty girl! When we first brought her home, Meeko was scared of all three and a half pounds of her. She was the dominant one of her litter, and put the other pups in place. She’s energetic, instigates Meeko to wrestle, and is a FACE LICKER! When’s she not being feisty, she’s trying to lick people’s faces!

What do you love most about your J.P. Dogs?

They make us extremely happy. I grew up with big dogs and never planned on having a small dog. Now that I have two of them, I have learned how charming and intelligent little dogs can be. They are just amazing companions.

Your J.P. Dogs favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

Jamaica Pond, Centre Street strolls, and playing fetch and chasing each other in our backyard!

Photography: Bailey & Meeko’s humans






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