From Tennessee Gas Station to JP: Lucky Chance!


About this J.P. Dog:

Chance is an adopted 11 year old suspected Australian Shepherd/ Bernese Mountain Dog mix. He also goes by Sir Chancellor and well, Stinkybutt.

“A coworker of mine from West Roxbury moved to Tennessee for a brief time and brought Chance back with her. He came from a gas station. My coworker wasn’t looking for a dog at the time but couldn’t turn him down as he’d likely go to a shelter. Chance acted like a rug in their house. He was a quiet, nervous dog who kept to himself.  (Continue for the rest of Chance’s forever home story, and 4 more photos…)

Once he moved back to Boston he gained a rambunctious little brother who was too energetic for Chance. My partner and I asked my coworker if we could borrow one of her dogs (we were dog deprived!) and we began taking Chance for day and weekend trips.

The first time we met him, he got so startled that he peed and ran to hide in a corner. After a few visits, he was able to relax and enjoy our lazy weekends together. My coworker offered Chance to us but we had to move in order to take him in since our apartment wasn’t dog friendly.

My coworker’s parents graciously offered to keep Chance in Maine with them for the summer until we could move in September so he could have a quiet place to lay his head. We spent weekends visiting him in Maine and taking him on day trips to the beach and Kennebunkport. We picked him up from Maine on 8/31/13 – we couldn’t wait until our actual move-in of 9/1 – and brought him back to JP.”

About this J.P. Dog’s human: 

Chance lives with his humans, Rikki, Thao and “Auntie Sara” in the Hyde Square neighborhood where they’ve lived for 5 years.

“Chance got a little fur-sister in August and he has been wonderful with her. She is a 10 year old cockapoo (will be 11 in January) named Shanah who I “inherited” from my grandfather when he passed away in August. She was a little hyper when settling in but she’s taken cues from Chance and is now just as lazy as him!”

Rikki works with women in early recovery who are involved with the legal system and heading to treatment programs. Many are homeless and lacking positive supports. If anyone would like to donate new packs of underwear, socks, bras, or toiletries, please get in touch with Rikki at

Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

He is so lazy and snuggly. Because he is getting old he is slower, has arthritis and hearing/vision loss, and he sometimes doesn’t want to eat standing up. He will lay on his rug and we will feed him “a la floor.” Despite his slowing down, just about everyone we pass in the street asks if he is a puppy and is in total disbelief when we say he is 11. His “newest” quirk has been licking small dogs on their face when he meets them for the first time.

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

He has given us so much patience and love, for him, but also for ourselves and whoever he meets. Chance has completely transformed from the first day we met him when he peed out of fright. He loves to greet new people at the front door and we can even take him off leash in quiet areas. At 11 years old, he just finished a 6-week Senior Citizens dog training class where he learned “touch” and refined his skills of “sit” and “down.” He is a master at “stay” already because he is lazy!

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

Nira Rock, Forest Hills Cemetery, JP Pond

Photography: Chance’s humans

chance in bed




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