Sebastian: JP Dog by Day, Ewok by Night


About this J.P. Dog:

Sebastian is a 7 year old rescued Lhasa Apso mix. While he doesn’t live in JP, he spends his days in JP at Fancy Schmancy’s daycare program. “He came up to Massachusetts from Arkansas with Last Hope K9. He was living in a hoarder’s house with a lot of other animals. Then he stayed with an incredible foster mom for about 9 months in Arkansas.  He and I met on August 28, we connected and he went home with me!” (Continue for 5 more photos…)

 Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

When he is very excited, Sebastian will jump up and down as if he were on a pogo stick. Sebastian adapted very quickly to New England winters. He loves walking in the snow, and doesn’t hesitate to jump into it, even sticking his face into the snow.   He absolutely loves belly rubs, and will turn over on his back with all four legs sticking out every which way when he wants or thinks he can get a belly rub out of the nearest human. He also looks very much like an Ewok, so for our first Halloween, he had a homemade ewok cape. And of course, there’s his crooked, underbite like no other!

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

I love the way we sometimes, sit and just stare into each other’s eyes.  Ha ha.  

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

We love walking around the Arboretum, the patio at JP Licks, and of course … Fancy Schmancy!!

Photography: Sebastian’s human







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