Spotted! Beatrice & David’s Photo Shoot

IMG_6054This past Saturday my friend Melony and I stopped by the Jameson & Thompson Summer Open House. J & T is Jamaica Plain’s very own frame shop. As part of the Open House, CatLABS of JP Darkroom Resources and Service was taking beautiful, large polaroid photos for visitors. (Continue for 3 more photos…)

Another visitor, David, who lives in Reading, MA, was there with Beatrice, his five year old “rambunctious and sweet” rescue from Tennessee. After Melony and I had our photo taken, I turn around to see David holding Beatrice for their photo.

The large format camera didn’t have a lot of flexibility so it couldn’t aim down to take the photo, so Beatrice had to go up! She was like a statue, not moving an inch. Good girl! David’s love for Beatrice was so evident, and it was touching to watch these two get their photo taken together.

But even more moving was David’s reaction to the photo. I heard him tell the photographer: “This has just become my most prized possession.”


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