Auggie & Moose, Half Brothers!


About these J.P. Dogs:

Augustus Henry, who also goes by Auggie the Doggie, is a six year old Chocolate English Labrador. Mr. Moose McGillicuddy, who may also answer to Moosey Goosey, is a five year old Black English Labrador. Collectively they are called the Goons. They have the same dad but different moms, “brothers from a different mother”! (Continue for 6 more photos…)

About these J.P. Dogs humans: 

Auggie and Moose live with their humans, Nicole Desharnais and Dana Seabury in the Stonybrook neighborhood. Nicole was born in JP (!) and Dana moved here in 2014.

Dana is a realtor with Gibson Sotheby’s, and Nicole is General Counsel at a women owned and founded private equity firm called Boudica Capital.

Do your J.P. Dogs have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

Mr. Moose is an absolute love-bug, but perhaps not the brightest.  He just wants to make us happy. Auggie is very intelligent and is two steps ahead of us at all times when it comes to stealing food or planning an escape. 

What do you love most about your J.P. Dogs?

They are exceptional around children.  I have a 3 year old niece and 6 year old nephew who live in JP and Auggie and Moose  have endured many indignities at their hands, with aplomb.

Your J.P. Dogs favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

The Pond is #1, but the Arboretum is close behind.

Anything else you’d like to share about your J.P. Dogs?

Just that they are very loved, and although they are the Goons, they would love to meet you and your furry friends.

Photography: Moose & Auggie’s humans


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