Blue, JP Will Miss You!


About this J.P. Dog:

Blue Basil Audino is a five year old Chinook, who we first met on JP Dogs when I spotted this gentle giant on my street. It was love at first sight for me.

From his human: “Nicknames are too abundant to list in full, but I often call him “Blueberry Muffin Dog” because he’s a sweet little muffin, and “Sherlock” because he takes sooooooo long to sniff the tiniest things on our walks that it feels as though he’s treating everything like the big clue that will crack his latest case wide open.  We’ve taken to using the word “sherlocking” to describe this.”

(Continue for lots more Blue photos!)

About this J.P. Dog’s humans: 

Blue lives with his humans, Jeanie and Phil, between Stony Brook and Centre Street where they’ve lived for the past five years. He also grew up with 3 kitty sisters: Bella, who is now 15, and Cleo and Jude who crossed the rainbow bridge at ages 16 and 17.

Blue’s papa Phil is one of the owners of Tasty Burger. Tasty Burger sells treats made by Polka Dog Bakery. So don’t forget to buy a bag for your pup when you stop by for burger and fries before a Red Sox game at Fenway!

Blue also wants to give a shout-out to his dog walker Pete Carberry of North Star Dog Walking. “The level of care he gives is superlative.”


Does your J.P. Dog have any funny quirks, odd behaviors, or defining characteristics?

Blue is pure love! He especially loves dogs smaller than him, his “kitty sisters,” and is extremely gentle with everything. There is virtually no hunting instinct with him and he wants to be every little creature’s best buddy. On our walks, he loves to smell flowers and especially loves to go visit some chickens who live in the neighborhood.

He can also be stubborn, but it’s hilarious! I have to coax him out of bed for a morning walk with “cookies” (beef or venison jerky) and carry the cookies on our walks to get him to go where I want him to go. Otherwise, he likes to stand motionless in one spot and stare in the direction he wants to go and does so until I relent or nudge him forward. Even though he is a sled dog, he is not very high-energy. He’s happiest playing in the snow, taking slow-paced walks, & sniffing eeeeeeverything.

What do you love most about your J.P. Dog?

I love that he loves everything and is so gentle. I love that he used to be scared of scarecrows and snowmen when he was a puppy (he got over it after a couple of years!). And I love that he’s 85 pounds and still sits in my lap for snuggles.

Your J.P. Dog’s favorite outdoor spots in J.P.?

The Southwest Corridor, Jamaica Pond, and the Sumner Hill neighborhood.

Anything else you’d like to share about your J.P. Dog?

We are moving to East Boston in November. We are excited for new adventures, but we will miss the people and pups of JP tremendously! Especially his buddies (& their humans) McNulty, Stout, Coco, Baxter, Wilbur, Ruca (not sure I’m spelling her name correctly!), Mia, Birdie, Wheatie, Boswell, Jasper, and our amazing walker (Pete Carberry of North Star Dog Walking) and his walking buddies Arlo, Scarlett, Bailey, & Meeko!

Even though Blue is leaving JP,  you can keep up with him on his two Facebook pages: “Blue Audino” and “Blue Basil”.

Photography: Blue’s humans





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