For the story about what inspired me to start J.P. Dogs and what I hope it evolves into, read this.

Meanwhile, a little about me and my dog: I’ve lived in Jamaica Plain since 1999. The dog I’m lucky enough to call my companion is Arlo, a ten year old peek-a-poo, who sneezes at me when I’m taking too long to get out the door. I grew up with mostly big dogs, and used to be pretty dismissive about little dogs, secretly discounting them as not being dog-dogs, like real dogs. Arlo changed everything. And he does the same for most big-dog fans he meets.

This dude is ridiculously laid back. Hardly barks, unless for very good reason. And he can sleep in later than I can. Which is saying a lot.

In the past year, we’ve started aging together. As my hair turns grayer, the foggy senior dog thing is happening to his eyes, which reminds me every day to savor the hell out of him.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and your J.P. dogs.

For more information about submitting photos to J.P. Dogs, click here.


Kyle & Arlo





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  1. hi, we moved here recently and have met some of these dogs at the Beecher St dog park, with our pit mix Francy. We’ll try to send a pic or two soon and look forward to seeing you.

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