send photos!

Submit your photos!

  • Most dog parents have just a few (hundred, I mean thousand) favorite photos of their beloved. Send me a batch of your very favorites! I may use just one or the whole group of them. (A good number is 4-7 photos)
  • If the photo(s) you send are a good fit for the blog, I will email you a few questions about your J.P. dog.
  • I may tweak photos (e.g. cropping, lighting, coloring, focus) to keep a consistent quality of photos on the site.
  • It’s up to you whether you include people. If you’d like photos to include humans, then by all means. It’s fun to mix it up.
  • There’s no limit on the number of times you submit. If your J.P. Dog does something photogenic since the last time you sent a photo, well that’s not your fault, now is it. So send again.

In advance, thank you for sharing your J.P. Dog with the rest of us! Can’t wait to meet him and her and you.



mirror selfie with me and Arlo 



One comment

  1. My indoor sweet cat is missing and I am hoping JP animal lovers can help me find him! He is black and white (with a black goatee) and his name is Tibbit. He is super sweet yet a bit of a scaredy cat. Any sightings welcome


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