Rose & Maybelle: Rags to Riches Bitches


Lucky me that I get to open my email and see glorious photos like this. My night was made.

About these J.P. Dogs:

Rose (3 years old, darker one with brindel) and Maybelle (1 year old, brown one) are mixed breed rescues from Tennessee, who were both adopted at 9 months of age.”We recently did their DNA tests. Rose’s results were part lab, boxer, and treeing walker coonhound, with the rest too mixed to tell. Maybelle’s showed part shepherd, part lab, and the rest too mixed to tell…My tagline for them is ‘Rags to Riches Bitches: From the Streets of Tennessee to a Velvety Couch in JP!”(Continue for 6 more beautiful photos of these two…) (more…)

Furry Angels: Lola & Meeko


I had the pleasure of meeting these two little rascals at Boomerangs recently, where they were shopping with their humans. This interview is one of the loveliest yet on J.P. Dogs; you can feel the abundant love!

About these J.P. Dogs:

Lola is a two and a half year old Chihuahua / Yorkie mix, who unbeknownst to her human, was from a puppy mill. “I fell in love with her because she had a sadness in her eyes and it was exactly how I felt inside from losing my dog Muñeca when she got hit by a car. Of course that sadness turned out to be thirst and hunger, and then she turned into a little Tasmanian devil at home…(continue for more great photos of these two) (more…)

Daffodil & Periwinkle, Inseparable


About these J.P. Dogs:

Daffodil,  an Olde English Bulldogge, is three and a half. Periwinkle is a two and a half year old Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix. Daffodil may also answer to Dilly, Dill Pickle, or Pickle Head. While Periwinkle sticks to Perry or Pee Wee. Dilly came from a friends litter, and Perry is “kind of a rescue. I got her from a friend in Arizona when I lived out there. She was one when I got her, and terrified of every one, but quickly learned, and now she’s very loved by a lot of people.” (more…)

BFF’s: Aggie learned everything she knows from Marley


Dog: Aggie (dog on the left) is a six and a half year old rescue from a foster home in Rhode Island. She’s pictured here with her BFF, Marley who’s also a J.P. Dog. Aggie’s humans suspect she’s Australian Shepherd, Corgie and “who knows what else”. She may also answer to the following nicknames: Agadoradolittle, Agadorasparticus, Puppy-girl, and of course: Mini-Marley. (more…)