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Spotted! At the Egleston Farmers Market


I spotted and photographed this Wheaton Terrier a while back at the Egleston Farmers Market Dog Day, but never was able to get the full scoop from his human. So for now, he’ll just have to be yet another handsome face on J.P. Dogs. Such is life. (Continue for more photos) (more…)

TOMORROW: Dress your J.P. dog for the costume parade!


The 11th Annual Canine Costume Parade and Fashion Show is tomorrow, Saturday, October 25 at 1:00pm.

Entry Fee is $10.00 with 100% of proceeds going to the City of Boston Animal Shelter.

Registration and check-in: 12:00 pm at First Baptist Church, (on the corner of Centre and Green Streets, across from the Post Office)

The parade marches down Centre Street to the South Street Mall, where judging takes place. All dogs that enter get a doggie bag of treats and the top three costumes get gift baskets as prizes.

For more info, contact

Nugget’s a Scene Stealer


Though Nugget’s a Cambridge dog, I met this little lady in J.P. at the Egleston Farmer’s Market Dog Day. And wow, did I fall hard for her. So did everyone who saw her. In a matter of minutes she became an instant celebrity. I practically wanted her autograph. So of course she makes the cut for our “Sometimes We Let the Neighbors In” category. Thanks to Everett Hoffman, who was dog sitting Nugget, for brightening our day with a visit from this little Nugget. (more…)

Smith with the super model legs


Here’s yet another beautiful dog I had the pleasure of meeting at Dog Day. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sophie, Smith’s human mama, who is at the helm of J.P.’s newest dog walking service, Boston Fetch. (Sophie is awesome; if you’re looking for dog-walking, you’ll be so pleased to work with her!)

Dog: Smith is a one year old dog,who was rescued from a shelter in New Hampshire when he was three months old. But originally he came all the way from Tennessee. “We think he’s shepherd and golden and maybe something else. We’re not sure where he got his long legs from.” (more…)