dog walkers

Spotted! True Blue


I had the delight of meeting Blue, this mellow, gentle giant of a Chinook, this morning. He was being walked by Peter, the friendly owner of NorthStar Dog Walking Company. Blue spotted my little guy Arlo across the street and eventually laid down on the sidewalk to get a more leisurely look. Good idea Blue, let’s all just lie down on the warm sidewalk, soak up the sun, and ogle cute dogs. (Continue for 4 more photos of Blue…) (more…)

Smith with the super model legs


Here’s yet another beautiful dog I had the pleasure of meeting at Dog Day. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sophie, Smith’s human mama, who is at the helm of J.P.’s newest dog walking service, Boston Fetch. (Sophie is awesome; if you’re looking for dog-walking, you’ll be so pleased to work with her!)

Dog: Smith is a one year old dog,who was rescued from a shelter in New Hampshire when he was three months old. But originally he came all the way from Tennessee. “We think he’s shepherd and golden and maybe something else. We’re not sure where he got his long legs from.” (more…)