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Spotted! Two Grand Dames


For those who live in my neighborhood, these two beauties, Anna and Nunu, are furry institutions. Nunu, a longstanding one, and Anna, a newer addition to the family. They are gentle and friendly and magical. Climbing the stone steps to say hello to these two for a few minutes never fails to brighten my day. (Continue for 2 more photos…) (more…)

Bee Still My Heart


In the midst of the deluge a couple days ago, I received this delicious ray of sunshine in my inbox. This is Miso, the doggy in the bike basket featured a little while back. And don’t be fooled – that’s no halloween costume. That’s his RAINCOAT. Gimme, gimme that doggy and doggy raincoat, please. (Continue for one more busy bee Miso photo…) (more…)

Reunited and it feels so good…


If you’ve followed JP Dogs from the beginning, you know that there is a very special dog named Lenny who I happened to meet on the street one day last July who inspired me to start this blog. Well I just had my very first date-date with Lenny and one of his humans, Britta. (Continue for 6 more dreamy Lenny photos…)


Selfie Sunday: Coco & Emily


This week’s Selfie Sunday comes from Coco and Emily. We featured Coco, and her little brother Auggie in mid-October. For the full scoop on Coco, click here. Next, I’ve challenged Emily to a selfie with both dogs at once! That would be a rascally feat. Thank you Emily for being gutsy enough to submit for Selfie Sunday! Keep those selfies coming, people.