Hans is a Stand Up Guy


About this J.P. Dog:

Super Hans is a 2 or 3 year old rescued Chihuahua mix (maybe mixed with Rat Terrier?) from Tennessee. (He’s named after a character on “Peep Show”, a British sitcom.) The rescue was part of the Pooches and Purrs Cooperative which is a group of shelters and individuals who help foster and find homes for rescued dogs and cats. He was about 1 or 2 when rescued in February 2015. (Continue for 4 more photos…)


Spotted! Beatrice & David’s Photo Shoot

IMG_6054This past Saturday my friend Melony and I stopped by the Jameson & Thompson Summer Open House. J & T is Jamaica Plain’s very own frame shop. As part of the Open House, CatLABS of JP Darkroom Resources and Service was taking beautiful, large polaroid photos for visitors. (Continue for 3 more photos…) (more…)

Spotted! Honey’s Public Displays of Affection


I met Honey, a rescued eight year old mix (suspected to be Chow and German Shepard), on the corner outside Stony Brook T station. While my friend and I talked with Honey’s human, she leaned into every passerby she could, reaching for love and snuggles. Sweet Honey, you do the world good. (Continue for 5 more Honey photos…) (more…)

Sebastian: JP Dog by Day, Ewok by Night


About this J.P. Dog:

Sebastian is a 7 year old rescued Lhasa Apso mix. While he doesn’t live in JP, he spends his days in JP at Fancy Schmancy’s daycare program. “He came up to Massachusetts from Arkansas with Last Hope K9. He was living in a hoarder’s house with a lot of other animals. Then he stayed with an incredible foster mom for about 9 months in Arkansas.  He and I met on August 28, we connected and he went home with me!” (Continue for 5 more photos…) (more…)

Frances Rocks the House


About this J.P. Dog:

Frances, who I first spotted on Centre Street, is a rescued, 9-ish, “Chihuahua / Pomeranian / Alien” mix. She was named after St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. According to her humans, she “barks at birds, so there are more lessons to be learned before she adopts her namesake’s kindness toward sentient beings.” Frances may also answer to Little Buddy or Stubbs (after the animal painter George Stubbs).

She was rescued about two years ago from the Boston City Shelter, in Roslindale, where she had been for about a month. She was very anxious when we adopted her, but has become much more relaxed and confident.” (Continue for three more Frances photos…) (more…)

Spotted! All Hands on Frances


I met this rescued little lady outside CVS yesterday. Her human said she’s about 9 years old and maybe a mix between a Chihuahua and a Pomerian. That sure do make a cute mix. Everyone who passed by was enamored with Frances! Stay tuned – hoping to do a full feature on this gal. (Continue for 3 more Francis photos…) (more…)

Best Adoption Story Ever: Dinosaur


About this J.P. Dog:

Dinosaur is a 9 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua, possibly mixed with a little bit of another mystery breed. He also may answer to Baby D, Dino, Stinky Boy, or Kip.

“I think you could consider Dinosaur’s story a rescue story – an unconventional one, though. Dinosaur did not come from a shelter. He was given to me by a homeless girl who went by the name ‘Butterfly.’ I was at Jackson Square on my way to class when I met Dinosaur, who had a pink mohawk at the time. He came right up to me and rolled onto his back so that I could rub his tummy!

(Continue for 7 more Dinosaur photos!) (more…)

From Tennessee Gas Station to JP: Lucky Chance!


About this J.P. Dog:

Chance is an adopted 11 year old suspected Australian Shepherd/ Bernese Mountain Dog mix. He also goes by Sir Chancellor and well, Stinkybutt.

“A coworker of mine from West Roxbury moved to Tennessee for a brief time and brought Chance back with her. He came from a gas station. My coworker wasn’t looking for a dog at the time but couldn’t turn him down as he’d likely go to a shelter. Chance acted like a rug in their house. He was a quiet, nervous dog who kept to himself.  (Continue for the rest of Chance’s forever home story, and 4 more photos…) (more…)