the big j.p. dogs

Blue, JP Will Miss You!


About this J.P. Dog:

Blue Basil Audino is a five year old Chinook, who we first met on JP Dogs when I spotted this gentle giant on my street. It was love at first sight for me.

From his human: “Nicknames are too abundant to list in full, but I often call him “Blueberry Muffin Dog” because he’s a sweet little muffin, and “Sherlock” because he takes sooooooo long to sniff the tiniest things on our walks that it feels as though he’s treating everything like the big clue that will crack his latest case wide open.  We’ve taken to using the word “sherlocking” to describe this.” (more…)

Auggie & Moose, Half Brothers!


About these J.P. Dogs:

Augustus Henry, who also goes by Auggie the Doggie, is a six year old Chocolate English Labrador. Mr. Moose McGillicuddy, who may also answer to Moosey Goosey, is a five year old Black English Labrador. Collectively they are called the Goons. They have the same dad but different moms, “brothers from a different mother”! (Continue for 6 more photos…) (more…)

Spotted! Spots! Spots! Spots Everywhere!


I received these photos from a JP Dogs field agent, who spotted these spotted beauties by the monument. Anyone know what kind of dogs these are? Is there such a thing as a long haired dalmation? I hope I run into these two lovelies in person. Would love to do a full feature on these two if anyone knows their human! (Continue for 1 more photo…) (more…)

Spotted! Memorial Day Motley Crew


My Memorial Day was quiet and a little blue. Then I stumbled upon these four, and per usual, it was the dogs who turned the day around! My neighbor does some pet-sitting, and had his charges out for a romp in the wet yard. These guys were having a ball! We’ve actually spotted Nell (the Golden Retriever), Tobey (the Papillon), and Lyle (the Westie) before on the blog, but never all in one place, with Langston too! (Continue for 7 more photos of this gang!) (more…)

Spotted! Honey’s Public Displays of Affection


I met Honey, a rescued eight year old mix (suspected to be Chow and German Shepard), on the corner outside Stony Brook T station. While my friend and I talked with Honey’s human, she leaned into every passerby she could, reaching for love and snuggles. Sweet Honey, you do the world good. (Continue for 5 more Honey photos…) (more…)

Spotted! True Blue


I had the delight of meeting Blue, this mellow, gentle giant of a Chinook, this morning. He was being walked by Peter, the friendly owner of NorthStar Dog Walking Company. Blue spotted my little guy Arlo across the street and eventually laid down on the sidewalk to get a more leisurely look. Good idea Blue, let’s all just lie down on the warm sidewalk, soak up the sun, and ogle cute dogs. (Continue for 4 more photos of Blue…) (more…)