the mid-size j.p. dogs

Spotted! Charlie On Centre


Arlo and I stopped into On Centre, and finally met Charlie, the shop dog! Don’t be fooled by the name: Charlie is all girl. And what a sweet, Tibetan Terrier girl she is. She also really wanted to play with Arlo, but the little grumpster wasn’t having it. But she didn’t stop trying, following us everywhere. Charlie, you can follow me any day! Stay tuned for full feature on Charlie. (See photo below of the badass mug I bought there.) (Continue for five more photos…) (more…)

Spotted! Sweetheart Abigail


I spotted Abigail today by the Southwest Corridor. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of what looks like a black heart on her right side (you can see it in the second photo but it gets scrunched when she’s lying down). But heart or no heart, Abigail’s a full-fledged sweetheart. (Continue for 1 more photo…) (more…)

Spotted! When the People are Away…


The dogs will lay! On the couch. When they’re not supposed to. Friends in the apartment below mine are pet-sitting this fella and I heard them say the day before that he’s not allowed on furniture. I had to pop into their apartment yesterday when they weren’t home, and look what I discovered. Ooh, naughty boy! Man, I love dogs. They’re so comfort-seeking. (more…)