Spotted! When the People are Away…


The dogs will lay! On the couch. When they’re not supposed to. Friends in the apartment below mine are pet-sitting this fella and I heard them say the day before that he’s not allowed on furniture. I had to pop into their apartment yesterday when they weren’t home, and look what I discovered. Ooh, naughty boy! Man, I love dogs. They’re so comfort-seeking. (more…)

Spotted! The Flying Beagle


I recently spotted this sweetie at Fancy Schmancy, along with a cast of other colorful characters. I’ll only dole out one at a time, lest you binge on JP Doggies. (Fancy Schmancy is JP’s newest dog groomer and day care provider – I’ve been taking Arlo there because it’s right around the corner from me, and they are great!)

Spotted! Ginger the Velvet-Eared Beagle


I’ve recently befriended a beagle in my neighborhood named Ginger. She has two of the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen, and her ears are so soft that I feel nearly creepy for how much I want to pet them when I see her. I’m recruiting Ginger’s human to send more photos and the full scoop so stay tuned! (Continue for one more photo of Ginger…) (more…)