Fancy Schmancy

Sebastian: JP Dog by Day, Ewok by Night


About this J.P. Dog:

Sebastian is a 7 year old rescued Lhasa Apso mix. While he doesn’t live in JP, he spends his days in JP at Fancy Schmancy’s daycare program. “He came up to Massachusetts from Arkansas with Last Hope K9. He was living in a hoarder’s house with a lot of other animals. Then he stayed with an incredible foster mom for about 9 months in Arkansas.  He and I met on August 28, we connected and he went home with me!” (Continue for 5 more photos…) (more…)

Spotted! Straight-jumpin’ Sebastian


I happened to stop by Fancy Schmancy in time to see Sebastian being picked up by his mama from daycare. And I have never seen a vertical jump like his! He was over the moon excited to see his human. Wish I’d been able to capture the acrobats. Meanwhile, look at those teeeef! Stay tuned – hoping to get a full feature on this guy.

Spotted! The Fancy Schmancy Maitre d


My Fancy Schmancy stockpile of photos is finally getting low (a few more to go!). For a while Arlo and I were stopping by frequently for Kenny the groomer to shave down Arlo’s hot spot. But he seems to be on the mend (thanks Kenny!) so no more pop-bys until his next haircut. Meanwhile, there are so many helpful hosts when you stop by on any given day. This guy offered to open the gate for me but I politely declined.

Spotted! Divas on the Divan at Fancy Schmancy


Saw these two (or is it three?) lounging in luxury over at Fancy Schmancy, JP’s newest groomer and doggy daycare. This is just how they roll there. Treating dogs like they run the place. Because they do. And dogs should run all the places. The one in the middle is giving me a look, like “Are you effing serious with the photo-taking? I come here to unwind and get away from the paparazzi. Enough already.” Sorry, sweets. Y’all are lookin’ good.

Spotted! The Flying Beagle


I recently spotted this sweetie at Fancy Schmancy, along with a cast of other colorful characters. I’ll only dole out one at a time, lest you binge on JP Doggies. (Fancy Schmancy is JP’s newest dog groomer and day care provider – I’ve been taking Arlo there because it’s right around the corner from me, and they are great!)