Spotted! All Hands on Frances


I met this rescued little lady outside CVS yesterday. Her human said she’s about 9 years old and maybe a mix between a Chihuahua and a Pomerian. That sure do make a cute mix. Everyone who passed by was enamored with Frances! Stay tuned – hoping to do a full feature on this gal. (Continue for 3 more Francis photos…) (more…)

Best Adoption Story Ever: Dinosaur


About this J.P. Dog:

Dinosaur is a 9 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua, possibly mixed with a little bit of another mystery breed. He also may answer to Baby D, Dino, Stinky Boy, or Kip.

“I think you could consider Dinosaur’s story a rescue story – an unconventional one, though. Dinosaur did not come from a shelter. He was given to me by a homeless girl who went by the name ‘Butterfly.’ I was at Jackson Square on my way to class when I met Dinosaur, who had a pink mohawk at the time. He came right up to me and rolled onto his back so that I could rub his tummy!

(Continue for 7 more Dinosaur photos!) (more…)

Baci, small business owner of Baci Naturals


I had the pleasure of meeting this little munchkin and her human mama at last weekend’s dog parade in J.P. One of the many delights of doing this blog, is that I get to regularly hear love stories about humans and their dogs. But I find myself particularly touched by this human-dog pair.

About this J.P.Dog:

Baci is a rescued 13 year old Mini Pomeranian. “Baci was 10 years old when I rescued her. Being an older dog with considerable digestive and dental issues, her chances for finding a forever home weren’t good. When I looked at her, all I saw was perfection. I did not adopt her out of pity. I simply just fell in love with her on the spot.”(Continue for more photos) (more…)

Actually it’s Bambam who runs this town


This little dude warrants a special introduction. I met him and his human on Centre Street, by the post office. I’d just spent a couple months carting my own pup around in a stroller because he was on movement restriction for IVDD. My first few weeks of strolling Arlo, I felt embarrassed about pushing him in a stroller, worried people would think he’s a prince who prefers to be pushed. (more…)