Rose & Maybelle: Rags to Riches Bitches


Lucky me that I get to open my email and see glorious photos like this. My night was made.

About these J.P. Dogs:

Rose (3 years old, darker one with brindel) and Maybelle (1 year old, brown one) are mixed breed rescues from Tennessee, who were both adopted at 9 months of age.”We recently did their DNA tests. Rose’s results were part lab, boxer, and treeing walker coonhound, with the rest too mixed to tell. Maybelle’s showed part shepherd, part lab, and the rest too mixed to tell…My tagline for them is ‘Rags to Riches Bitches: From the Streets of Tennessee to a Velvety Couch in JP!”(Continue for 6 more beautiful photos of these two…) (more…)

Baci, small business owner of Baci Naturals


I had the pleasure of meeting this little munchkin and her human mama at last weekend’s dog parade in J.P. One of the many delights of doing this blog, is that I get to regularly hear love stories about humans and their dogs. But I find myself particularly touched by this human-dog pair.

About this J.P.Dog:

Baci is a rescued 13 year old Mini Pomeranian. “Baci was 10 years old when I rescued her. Being an older dog with considerable digestive and dental issues, her chances for finding a forever home weren’t good. When I looked at her, all I saw was perfection. I did not adopt her out of pity. I simply just fell in love with her on the spot.”(Continue for more photos) (more…)

Actually it’s Bambam who runs this town


This little dude warrants a special introduction. I met him and his human on Centre Street, by the post office. I’d just spent a couple months carting my own pup around in a stroller because he was on movement restriction for IVDD. My first few weeks of strolling Arlo, I felt embarrassed about pushing him in a stroller, worried people would think he’s a prince who prefers to be pushed. (more…)

Selfie Sunday: Kima & Melony


This week’s Selfie comes from one of JP’s movers and shakers, realtor Melony Swasey and her beloved Kima. Good kissin’ and lickin’ Kima!

Melony also happens to be one of my best friends, so I’m going to take this opportunity to sing her praises. If you’re ever in the market for a dynamic, delightful, dedicated, and DOG-ged realtor, Melony’s your girl, paws down!  (Continue for another photo) (more…)

Nobody nose kisses like Bronson


About this J.P. Dog:

Bronson is a 2 year old rescued mix of “Border Collie, Springer Spaniel, Hound…you name it, and he might be partly that.” Bronson may also answer to: Bronosaurus, Chicken, Monkey, or Turtle. “He came from Georgia but I adopted him from The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem. I walked in hoping to fall in love with a full grown senior or young adult, but couldn’t walk away from this guy.” (Continue for more photos…) (more…)