Spotted! Lyle in the Wild


The other day Arlo and I were rounding a corner, looking at all the lovely trees when all of a sudden I noticed a little white puffball in the midst of the greenery. It was Lyle! He was sitting there quietly, also looking at all the lovely trees. We first met Lyle as a puppy when he was out and about, but I didn’t actually know where he lived so it was really fun to see him, out of the blue, in his home territory, and all grown up. (Continue for one more photo…) (more…)

Spotted! Memorial Day Motley Crew


My Memorial Day was quiet and a little blue. Then I stumbled upon these four, and per usual, it was the dogs who turned the day around! My neighbor does some pet-sitting, and had his charges out for a romp in the wet yard. These guys were having a ball! We’ve actually spotted Nell (the Golden Retriever), Tobey (the Papillon), and Lyle (the Westie) before on the blog, but never all in one place, with Langston too! (Continue for 7 more photos of this gang!) (more…)